Walls can get battered over time. A-Line Plastering can help you restore your house to its former glory with wall plastering services in Bibra Lake. Whether your walls are cracked, have suffered from water damage, were the victim of an accident and need a hole patched, A-Line Plastering can make them look like new.



Interior walls demand a silky smooth finish that requires years of experience to perfect. A-Line Plastering can plaster your interior walls. Whether you're building from scratch or renovating an older home, A-Line Plastering in Bibra Lake can provide you with a paint-ready finish for your walls. Speak to the wall plastering professionals today.



A sand finish or acrylic texture finish will help your outdoor walls stand the test of time and enhance their aesthetic appeal. A-Line plastering offers a range of exterior finishes so you can create the look you want.

We work quickly and efficiently to leave your property with a minimum of mess.